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Shenzhen Jinnye Electronic Co., Ltd
Cell phone:13556852851
Cell phone:13600181913
Address:Shenzhen Longhua dalangjiedaoNine litters of Jin Xicheng Industrial Area 1

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Shenzhen City into the car industry Chi Electronics Co., Ltd. is a focus on intelligent automotive electronics product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Has always open innovation, entrepreneurial spirit of hard work, quickly attracted a large number of passion and dreams of automotive electronics industry elite, established a strong research and development team, and the optical detection and imaging lab and Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Graduate School of cooperation, joint results of research and related products transformation.

     Marketing management team in order to "win-win cooperation market channels, the firm responsible for after-sales service" principle, and actively expand the international and domestic markets, sales network throughout the world in many countries and regions, and in the country quickly established a strong and effective sales network and service outlets .

     The company has international advanced production equipment and management team, and strictly implemented, the implementation of ISO9001 international quality system and TS16949 automotive quality system, full use of 6S management model for every product quality, delivery escort, the formation of production to keep pace with international brands base.

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